Reliable Website Maintenance for your website!

We have changed the Website Maintenance Services we offer in order to protect and maintain your website in order for your site to be safe, secure and up-to-date.

Recent changes in website security mean your website will be constantly under attack from bots and spyware which in the wrong hands can kill your website along with your business. Imagine waking up to find Google has blacklisted your website without you even knowing what has been happening!

Believe us, it happens and without the right security and Website Maintenance in place, it could happen to you.

Here are some examples of just what can happen and why we have introduced these plans: Sony | Importance | Examples

Website Maintenance to keep your website safely and securely

The importance of maintaining your website

Why should I update my website?

Files on your content managed websites are constantly being updated and improved for security and performance issues…if you have an iPhone you will know what we mean as your phone and its apps are always being updated.

Your website is no different and needs to be looked after in order to stay safe and run smoothly.

In some cases, your website might stop working altogether, so if your business relies on a website, it is critical it is updated and maintained.

What happens if I say NO to website maintenance?

Saying NO to website maintenance is of course, is an option to you and we will always be on hand should you want to update things yourself.

It will be up to you to solve any issues/problems you may have, or any conflicts going forward.

If you choose a maintenance plan with YZ DESIGNS then we will update your website for you as part of the maintenance package you choose.

We may suggest you set up your own website hosting if you choose no, but will be able to help you with this.

Is it easy for me to update things myself?

You can update your own website if you have a good knowledge of website design and development and a bit of knowledge of PHP, CSS and HTML.

Simply hit the update button and keep things updated, but if there is a conflict with the new updated files you will need to re-install an old version of your site in order to find out the issue.

Plugins and theme files often need to be updated, so you will need to open your website quite often to check your updates. Our Website Maintenance makes this something you do not have to do, as we take care of it for you.

Is my site future proof?

Websites have an average lifespan of 3 years once they go live in general, however, if you maintain and update your website through Website Maintenance then this will make sure it lasts a lot longer than a non-updated website.

Files are constantly changing in order to work better and be secure, so if you update your website, chances are that you will have a faster, safer and more reliable website for longer!

Please choose a website maintenance plan


£ 120

Per Year

Our BACK TRACK plan is less than
33p per day and 
gives you:

  • Regular site and database back-up’s
  • Back-up restore
  • Remote storage of your files

Your website will be backed up on a regular basis, which means that if anything should ever go wrong with your site, either by user error or a security breach, we can restore your website files from a backup we store remotely.

£120 per year
Our Back Track plan is less than 33p per day

All prices subject are to VAT

SAFE SITEMost Popular

£ 240

Per Year

Our SAFE SITE plan is less than
66p per day and 
gives you:

  • Regular site and database back-up’s
  • Back-up restore
  • Remote storage of your files
  • Updates to plugins
  • Updates to core files
  • Updates to website files

Your website will be backed up on a regular basis like in our BACK TRACK package, but you will also get all your website files updated, along with plugins and theme files to keep your website working as it should.

£240 per year
Our SAFE SITE plan is less than 55p per day

All prices subject are to VAT

What to do next?

It is critical for us to know what package you require as soon as possible. If you do not reply your website could be comprimised.

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